Sunday, July 25, 2010

Housing and Wisdom Teeth

2 things!


I got my housing information late last night! I'm going to be in Seminar House 2, which was my first choice! :) I don't think there are any major differences between Seminar houses 1,2, and 4, but in the description for 2 it said "balcony of each room", so I'm hoping that means a real balcony I can go out and stand on. Unfortunately, I can't find a video tour of this seminar house, but judging by the pictures on the KGU website it looks nice.


I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning -_-. Actually, I'm kind of excited for this, or at least relieved that it's finally being taken care of; I was told I needed them out, like, 2 years ago, but I've been super nervous about it so I put it off until the last possible moment pretty much. I've heard horror stories of swelling and dry sockets, okay? But over the last year I've been getting aches back there in my mouth more and more, and two have erupted above the gum. Two of them are impacted, and one top one is coming in almost completely sideways and digging into my cheek pretty bad. So I'm glad that all that will finally stop. It does bother me that I'll have to miss work for most of next week, and my fitness classes, but hopefully this'll be a chance to get some reading and other things done.

And booo, my brother and his friends are making brownies right now, and I'm not allowed to eat anything tonight because of the whole anesthesia thing tomorrow morning.

Let's hope for oxycodone.


  1. Hello! :) I'm Jasmine and I'm also studying abroad at KGU for the fall. I'll be in Seminar House 2 as well. It's cool to see that you've been updating your blog regularly-- I totally need to start doing that haha.

  2. Hey! It's nice to meet another seminar house 2 student! :) I'm following your blog too. I look forward to seeing your posts and meeting you at KGU! :D