Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Post

Finally, I have decided on a title and design for my travel blog--let's hope I don't change my mind! I'm sure "The Elle Word" seems pretty cheesy, but whatever. (EDIT: Changed the title, and I think I really like this one now! :p) The idea of a travel blog (especially the old gaijin-living-in-Japan schtick) is a bit cheesy in itself! :)


This year I'm studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata City, Osaka, Japan. I've decided to make this blog to document my travels and my thoughts, and to show what it's like to be a 22-year-old American girl living in Japan.

I'm leaving on August 18th, so this blog has been made a bit prematurely; however, getting everything ready for travel is still important I guess, and I'm incredibly impatient, so I felt like I should go ahead and start my blog now. :)

I don't really care how many or how few people actually read this. It'll probably just be me, my mom, and whoever I pester to take a look on Skype; and that's perfectly fine, this is as much for my own benefit as anyone else's! A diary is for one to look back on when the adventure is over, isn't it?



  2. :) Awesome....I'll read it...can't wait to follow your Japanese adventures!!

  3. Yay, Amy! I now at least have one faithful watcher! :)